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Protecting our Helpers and Healers: A Conversation that’s Overdue

A recent article in the Washington Post, What’s one of America’s most dangerous jobs? It’s not what you think (Sept 11, 2017) brought attention to the specter of workplace violence that nurses and other healthcare staff face on a daily basis. ...
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Remember the Autonomic Nervous System?

Any stress, both positive stress (excitement) and negative stress (nervousness), involves the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS functions in the background every second of our lives. It regulates the human body’s most basic regulatory processes, including breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion ...
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What Do We Mean When We Say “Trauma”?

Imagine you and a friend are going down a sidewalk and a dog lunges at both of you. For you, the incident may be forgotten in a matter of minutes. Your friend, however, has heart palpitations and then he stays in a funk for an hour. Why is this? Read More ...
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Key Concepts in Organizational Stress

Many organizations don’t think about the impacts of stress on their workforce in a systematic way when designing their organizational policy. How could they? Policies grow over time, and often are reactive rather than proactive. These are the key concepts Greenleaf uses to assess the current Stress Responsiveness of an organization and support the leadership in making more stress responsive policy decisions ...
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Greenleaf Integrative US AID Infographic

Helping the Helpers

The attached document accompanied Greenleaf's poster session on Helping the Helpers: Structural Resiliency Interventions at USAID. The poster was based on the detailed assessment Stress and Resilience Issues Affecting USAID Personnel in High Operational Stress Environments, conducted by Greenleaf for USAID and completed in 2015. Highlights included discussion of Greenleaf’s methodology, key insights, and specific actionable recommendations for the full deployment cycle and structural umbrella ...
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3 Principles of Effective Staff Care

How can organizations better discern the specific difficulties faced by their staff? How might we fine tune staff care programs so that prevention and intervention both hit the bull’s-eye for diverse needs and mindsets? How might staff care programs for a subsection of staff induce benefits in multiple levels of our organizations and the communities with whom we work? ...
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Ethical Standards for Transnational MHPSS - document image

Ethical Standards for Transnational Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)

Important components of bioethics are routinely underappreciated in cross-cultural and transnational mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) efforts. ...
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Addressing Stress in National Staff

The geographic cure. R&R. Regular alcohol use with compatriots in an end-of-day cathartic ritual. Phone calls to family. Many readers will recognize these NGO worker attempts to deal with humanitarian aid stress. Although these ...
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Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah - breathing video

Alternate Nostril Breathing for Beginners

This simple yet powerful technique is easy to do, is a proven effective relaxation technique, and has many benefits. Dr Siddharth Ashvin Shah, CEO of Greenleaf, leads you through a simple method of learning the technique in this 3-minute video ...
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Letting Go of Tension

Counteracts feelings of fragmentation if your thoughts and job requirements are in tension with each other. This track guides you through progressive muscle relaxation, a tried and tested method for releasing unwarranted physical tension. Track 9 of Getting to Work: Resiliency in Demanding Situations ...
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Attending to Work & Life

By reducing your mind’s distractions, you can focus on your priority tasks. This track promotes mental balance when work and life are intertwined and separation is not feasible. Track 3 of Getting to Work: Resiliency in Demanding Situations ...
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Introduction to Getting to Work: Resiliency in Demanding Situations

Hear about how this album emerged out of discussions with service providers, educators, first responders, law enforcement professionals and support staff. Resiliency is essential for thriving in our pressured, high-consequence world. These tracks are crafted to support optimal work performance and to support you in the other parts of your life. Track 1 of Getting to Work: Resiliency in Demanding Situations ...
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