A Meditation to Help Conquer Cravings!

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find your balance eggs - Greenleaf Integrative Mindful Meditation AudioDo you want to transform your health, but find that cravings sabotage your best intentions to make nutritious food choices? When you are stressed, do you want to reach for something sweet, salty, or “comforting” rather than a bowl of kale and quinoa?

If stress is persistent in your life, you may feel out of control about your eating – choosing to cope with quick fixes that make you feel temporarily better, especially when you are short on time and energy.

You are not as out of control as you may feel. Your body is wired to crave sugar, fat and salt for survival.

When you sense danger in any form (be it the fear of a lion chasing you for dinner, or your boss’ disapproval threatening your job), your system pumps out cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that triggers cravings for food that give you a burst of energy and pleasure.

Some of the best chemists in the world know this. They have designed processed foods with knowledge of the “bliss point” – a perfectly balanced ratio of fat, salt and sugar to target the pleasure zones of your brain and override its ability to perceive satiety.

Your body has built-in programming for certain foods in times of trouble, and the food environment around you is designed to be intelligently addictive. There is a real, chemical reason why you “can’t eat just one.” Add to that, your brain remembers foods that give you pleasure, sending impulses to eat more.

The reward of eating these foods is temporary at best. When you use food to experience relief from stress-induced overwhelm and anxiety, uncomfortable emotions that result can create a vicious cycle of stress creating greater stress. You can experience feelings of shame, guilt, frustration, blame, defeat, and more. Trying to satisfy an emotional issue with food can often make you feel so much worse.

You Can Regain Control

The key to transforming your relationship to food is to quiet your brain’s stress response. Greenleaf’s CEO, Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah, offers this meditation to help you transform your reaction to stress, access your true nature, and enjoy food in a new way – from a place of inner safety and connection.

Connecting with Your True Nature will guide you to sink into your body, experience physical relaxation, and move into non-judgmental, mindful attention. You will be guided to respond to food in new ways.

How Does Mindfulness Help End Uncontrollable Cravings and Emotional Eating?

Mindfulness interrupts the cycle of stress and helps to shift compulsive behaviors. It also:

  • Improves mood
  • Reduces feelings of psychological distress
  • Enhances the ability to detach from negative emotions
  • Increases brain activity associated with happiness, pleasure and optimism
  • Helps you effectively deal with challenging emotions

The meditation helps you to remember who you really are. It helps you to practice being in your body and feeling your feelings from a place of non-judgmental acceptance. When you are connected to your true inner self, the relaxation and relief are palpable. This alone will help calm the stress that amps up the body and mind’s desires for comfort foods.

Dr. Shah also guides you to positive affirmations to help you increase your confidence around food. As the effects of practicing with this meditation filter into your daily life, you will notice you are developing greater control over your choices. Success will lead to success. You will feel your true physical needs and legitimate hunger, rather than being driven by your emotional hunger.

This meditation will help you begin to nourish yourself with food in harmony and serenity, as well as experiencing your choices as satisfying and pleasurable. It will empower you to respond to stress with greater self-care. We hope you enjoy this meditation, use it to feel authentically connected with yourself, and experience wellbeing that works.

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