The Gift of a Full Night’s Sleep
By Jennifer Cochran Executive Liaison

greenleaf sleepSometimes there are nights where you just can’t get to sleep. Or you fall asleep easily, but wake up in the early hours, and are suddenly wide awake.

Is there anything as frustrating as tossing and turning for half the night? Dreading how tired you’re going to be the next day if you don’t get to sleep soon? Watching the clock, watching the clock, and finally falling asleep only a few hours before the alarm goes off?

Most everyone has had at least an occasional night like this, so you know all too well that acute desire for deep, restorative, refreshing sleep. Greenleaf is gifting you with two solutions if you find yourself grappling with a sleepless night.

Our CEO, Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah, has recorded a powerful meditation to help you fall asleep, and another to use as a strategy when you want to get back to sleep in the middle of the night. You have just what you need to enjoy a deeply restful night in the palm of your hand.

Falling Asleep Easily

The first meditation, Renewing Yourself, Letting Go of Thinking, is designed to help you effortlessly drift off to sleep, and stay asleep throughout the night. Over the course of 30 minutes, Dr. Shah’s soothing voice will guide you to mentally release the issues of the day and move into deep physical relaxation. It is an easy way to shift into a calm, serene state – no focus or concentration is required. 

The meditation includes positive affirmations to help you feel deeply restful at night and fully refreshed and energetic during the day. Dr. Shah explains in the recording that you do not need to be consciously aware of the affirmations. When you fall asleep, your unconscious mind assimilates positive information without effort. That helps you feel restored, happy and optimistic.

Getting Back to Sleep

The second meditation, Strategy When Awakened, is an excellent meditation to use when you want to fall back to sleep quickly and easily in the middle of the night. In less than 20 minutes, it will help you return to a relaxed state.

A busy mind can keep you awake at night. This meditation contains positive, passive suggestions to your unconscious to help you easily turn down the volume on mental chatter and endless thoughts.

The recording also includes affirmations designed to give you a consistently pleasant sleep experience. If worries are playing themselves out in your dreams, there are suggestions to give you satisfying, soothing dreams. The audio is designed to help you to deeply let go and allow sleep to fully restore you.

Enjoy these free audios from Greenleaf on nights when sleep seems just out of reach. Begin to feel happy and confident that a refreshing night can be effortlessly yours!