Healthy Eating – Let’s Do This!
By Jennifer Cochran, Executive Liaison

You want to look and feel amazing. You read cutting-edge information on health, and it speaks to you. You see a path forward, feel fired-up and motivated to take charge of your health. Your kitchen is full of superfoods, and your blender sits out on your kitchen shelf – handy for making smoothies. You’re ready to make healthier choices! 

But if you’ve been derailed from your goals before, you might have a nagging concern in the back of your mind that it will happen again. Greenleaf Integrative is here to bolster your highest intentions for yourself.

Our CEO, Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah, created two guided meditations to help you not only make better food choices, but also find pleasure and satisfaction in nutritious foods. These recordings will support you in a real, sustained lifestyle change.

Calm, Wise and Settled Eating

Listen to Eating Mindfully- Calm, Wise & Settled Eating

The first recording, Calm, Wise and Settled Eating, gives you a powerful 10-minute meditation designed to help you choose foods that are good for you. It includes a series of positive suggestions to assist you in responding to actual hunger versus being driven by emotional hunger. They’ll guide you to have an awareness of your food habits, encouraging you to eat mindfully, slowly and deliberately. 

You’ll learn to respond to the signals of your body, feeling satisfaction in your food, knowing your needs are fully met with your healthy choices. With practice, you’ll soon become attentive to the effects your food choices have on your body and emotions, recognizing which ones make you feel energetic, and which choices drain you. 

Repeatedly listening to this meditation will help you to develop new thinking patterns about yourself and your relationship to food. The affirmations are there to screen out negative thoughts and release self-criticism, so you are able to truly nourish yourself at emotional and physical levels. Adopting a new way of being, and seeing changes in your body and awareness, can generate feelings of confidence and joy.

My Relationship with Food

Listen to Eating MindfullyMy Relationship With Food

The second meditation, My Relationship With Food, guides you to reprogram yourself to eat in the best way possible. It is a 30-minute recording that takes you into a deeply relaxed state. Positive suggestions promote a definition of health, happiness, and freedom that you craft for yourself.

The meditation will take you into your own body, giving you a resonant sense of your own aliveness and supporting you in developing psychological strength. It guides you to stay in touch with your physical self as you eat and stimulates your sense of power over your food choices. This recording, like the previous one, helps you to release mindless eating, emotional eating, self-criticism and limiting beliefs. It promotes self-acceptance, pride in oneself, a feeling of vitality and wellbeing.

Listening to this meditation on a regular basis can anchor in a new sense of equilibrium, harmony, and balance around food. It provides a bridge from feeling powerless over cravings to feeling empowered and at peace with your choices. It also furnishes a sense of pleasure and satisfaction with nutritious foods.

To start making your goals a physical reality, we encourage you to listen to these meditations regularly. They will support you as you develop a consistent sense of ease around food, and confidence that you are making your own best choices every day.

You can listen to the meditations here:

Eating Mindfully- Calm, Wise & Settled Eating
Eating Mindfully-My Relationship With Food