Greenleaf CEO Dr. Shah Will Speak On Stress in Our Workforces at Upcoming Mindwell Forum

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ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, October 7, 2019…Greenleaf CEO Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah will be speaking on “A Danger to Self and Others: Unchecked Stress in Our Workforces” at the upcoming Mindwell Forum, a national event focused on innovation in behavioral and mental health on October 10 in Philadelphia.

Hosted by Graham Company, an expert insurance brokerage and consulting firm, the forum will bring together leaders from a variety of fields to examine the technologies and advancements that can help health and human services organizations dramatically improve mental and behavioral health for residents and consumers.

Scheduled in conjunction with World Mental Health Day, the Mindwell Forum will feature Dr. Shah as the first speaker on a roster of experts. In addition to his role as CEO, Dr. Shah is a physician, public health scientist, and thought leader who seeks to change the way we regard our society’s helpers, protectors, and healers – people and organizations who operate in demanding and traumatic environments.

Dr. Shah knows that in demanding environments where workforces are accumulating stress exposures, it is too late to act when individuals are already showing signs of breakdown. It is also risky to improvise remedies. To meet the organizational challenges, an organization needs a systematic and preventative approach to ensure risk will not be overlooked. His presentation will provide an overview of a field-tested, holistic approach. It will also provide a simple, actionable managerial solution to supporting staff wellbeing.

Greenleaf grew out of Dr. Shah’s international consulting to governments, health care organizations, NGOs, and the private sector in the areas of chronic high stress, brain health, trauma resiliency, strategic communications, and leadership effectiveness.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in the Washington, DC area, Greenleaf Integrative is a unique consulting firm that partners with clients to protect the wellbeing of their employees and organizations. Our talented team of experts and tailored solutions effectively address the complex drivers and detrimental impacts of workplace stress, burnout, and trauma. By integrating our organizational and scientific expertise with our range of services, Greenleaf
enables clients to cultivate a culture of shared responsibility for wellbeing, elevate sustainable
resiliency and performance, and mitigate risk.

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