Greenleaf Integrative To Provide Resiliency Training For SBAIC

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ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, November 1, 2019…Greenleaf Integrative will deliver a training workshop entitled Resilience 2.0: Emotional Resilience for Demanding Workplaces on November 19 in Washington, D.C. This event is part of a new training series hosted by the Small Business Association for International Companies (SBAIC).

The World Health Organization has deemed stress the health epidemic of the 21st Century. Neuroscience shows that unresolved and overwhelming stress distorts brain function and behavior. Physical health and emotional health decline. Personal and professional relationships are damaged. Engagement and productivity plummet. Feelings of fear and frustration dominate.

At this upcoming resilience training workshop, attendees will learn to identify and build the skills needed to increase their own resiliency as well as boost their ability to reduce the stress of their work teams. Greenleaf will provide an understanding of resiliency and its impact as well as the important role it plays in everyday life – personally and in the workplace. This include understanding the relationship of neurobiology and resiliency, developing flexibility and self-regulation, and building and sustaining a personal resiliency plan.

SBAIC is a membership organization established to promote the meaningful utilization of U.S. small businesses at U.S. government agencies providing foreign assistance.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in the Washington, DC area, Greenleaf Integrative is a unique consulting firm that partners with clients to protect the wellbeing of their employees and organizations. Our talented team of experts and tailored solutions effectively address the complex drivers and detrimental impacts of workplace stress, burnout, and trauma. By integrating our organizational and scientific expertise with our range of services, Greenleaf enables clients to cultivate a culture of shared responsibility for wellbeing, elevate sustainable resiliency and performance, and mitigate risk.

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