Letting Go of Tension

Counteracts feelings of fragmentation if your thoughts and job requirements are in tension with each other. This track guides you through progressive muscle relaxation, a tried and tested method for releasing unwarranted physical tension. Track 9 of Getting to Work: Resiliency in Demanding Situations.

Introduction to Getting to Work: Resiliency in Demanding Situations

Hear about how this album emerged out of discussions with service providers, educators, first responders, law enforcement professionals and support staff. Resiliency is essential for thriving in our pressured, high-consequence world. These tracks are crafted to support optimal work performance and to support you in the other parts of your life. Track 1 of Getting to Work: Resiliency in Demanding Situations.

3 Principles of Effective Staff Care

How can organizations better discern the specific difficulties faced by their staff? How might we fine tune staff care programs so that prevention and intervention both hit the bull’s-eye for diverse needs and mindsets? How might staff care programs for a subsection of staff induce benefits in multiple levels of our organizations and the communities with whom we work?

Preparedness & Response

Mental Health Emergencies and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder   By Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah, CEO and Founder, Greenleaf Integrative Adapted from a chapter in Emergency Public Health: Shah, S.A. (2010). Mental Health Emergencies and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In G.B. Kapur & J.P. Smith (Eds.) Emergency Public Health: Preparedness and Response (pp. 493-516). Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Abstract From a public … Read More

Assessment Report: Stress and Resilience Issues Affecting USAID Personnel in High Operational Stress Environments

This report was commissioned by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in line with a heightened recognition that employers working in the humanitarian space need to fortify how they seek to prevent, and intentionally respond to, the psychosocial difficulties many staff are facing. USAID faces challenges that are not unique; increasing workplace stress is part of a larger trend affecting many international humanitarian actors, as well as other high operational stress industries such as hospitals, law enforcement, and even the corporate sector.