Mindful Eating – and our Free Audios – Build Mindfulness

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Mindful eating – and our free audios – building your mindfulness If you’re one of the many people today interested in developing mindfulness to become a better leader, or maybe even to just boost your wellbeing, this blog is for you. Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program at the University of Massachusetts, defines mindfulness as “paying attention … Read More

Resilience Assessments Reveal Risks to Employees and Organizations

Kathy Cox Chief of Staff, Director of Communications & Operations Though burnout and trauma exposure have different causes and symptoms – and require different interventions and remedies – it’s well established that both are highly toxic to the wellbeing, resilience, and health of employees. Particularly concerning is that those “helpers” working in demanding environments – humanitarian aid workers, armed forces, … Read More

Preparing Workforces for Demanding Environments

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Does your industry include workers who operate in highly demanding environments? For example, health care, construction, law enforcement, counseling and social work professions have both predictable and unpredictable threats, pressures, and circumstances that create high levels of cumulative stress. Increasingly, one unpredictable concern in a number of settings is the threat of violence. The highest number of injuries in U.S. … Read More

Shared Responsibility Accelerates Workplace Resilience

By Nancy Spangler, PhD, OTR/L Workplaces are full of demands – most face some levels of uncertainty, pressures, and unpredictability. In addition, many of Greenleaf’s clients face more serious stressors, such as potential injury to themselves or their co-workers or the threat of violence. Such highly demanding environments place a tremendous strain on people if they remain hypervigilant to potential … Read More

New White Paper Offers Insights on Supporting Employees’ Behavioral Health

Nancy Spangler, PhD Most employers don’t realize that a significant percentage of people with symptoms of a mental health or substance use condition doesn’t receive appropriate treatment. Instead, they suffer in silence, which creates struggles across many areas of life – including their engagement and performance and work. Our mental health can decline, just as our physical health can. Mental … Read More

Organizations must mitigate occupational trauma and its effects

Siddharth Ashvin Shah, M.D., M.P.H. Founder and CEO Trauma. We encounter it just about everywhere we look these days. We absorb it through news stories of victims and from witnesses of violent plots, shootings, and cruelty. We feel it through natural disasters, poverty, and homelessness. You don’t have to be someone’s mother to ache with empathy and compassion for those … Read More