Healthy Eating – Let's Do This!

Healthy Eating – Let’s Do This!

You want to look and feel amazing. You read cutting-edge information on health, and it speaks to you. You see a path forward, feel fired-up and motivated to take charge of your health. Your kitchen is full of superfoods, and your blender sits out on your kitchen shelf – handy for making smoothies. You’re ready to make healthier choices!  But ...
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Greenleaf Autonomic Nervous System

Wellbeing Techniques Help Us Control Body, Mind, and Behaviors

Any stress, both positive stress (excitement) and negative stress (nervousness), involves the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS functions in the background every second of our lives. It regulates the human body’s most basic regulatory processes, including breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion ...
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Greenleaf, dog

What Do We Mean When We Say “Trauma”?

Imagine you and a friend are going down a sidewalk and a dog lunges at both of you. For you, the incident may be forgotten in a matter of minutes. Your friend, however, has heart palpitations and then he stays in a funk for an hour. Why is this? Read More ...
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