Greenleaf Integrative enables clients working in highly demanding environments to develop and protect the wellbeing and resiliency of their employees and organizations. Our solutions, which often have staff training and leadership development programs at their core, effectively address the complex drivers and detrimental impacts of workplace stress, burnout, and trauma. Clients rely on our blend of organizational development and scientific expertise to help create a culture of shared responsibility for wellbeing while also mitigating risks.

It’s no secret that employees and leaders working in high-pressure businesses large and small are suffering from unprecedented levels of chronic stress, burnout, and even trauma exposure. In fact, the World Health Organization called stress “the health epidemic of the 21st century.”

Neuroscience shows that unresolved and overwhelming stress distorts brain function and behavior. Physical health and emotional resilience decline, personal and professional relationships erode, and feelings of fear and anxiety dominate. Most leaders would agree those are very serious and unacceptable consequences for themselves and their employees.

At the same time, they aren’t sure how to identify or deal with the true drivers of chronic workplace stress, burnout, and trauma – or the resulting negative consequences to the organization, including plummeting engagement, productivity, and retention.

Neuroscience shows that unresolved and overwhelming stress distorts brain function and behavior.

Greenleaf brings deep and relevant experience as well as best-practice skills, processes, and tools to companies striving to build organizational wellbeing. With services spanning assessments, resilient organizational development, and strategic planning to leadership development, workforce training, and more, we tailor solutions to your unique environment in order to protect the wellbeing of people, elevate performance, and accelerate positive business outcomes. We also create and implement strategic frameworks for spreading resilience-building processes and behaviors across teams, departments, and enterprises. Results include significant improvements in emotional intelligence, situational awareness, morale, communications, collaboration, productivity, and risk mitigation.

Combining proven scientific principles and a deep understanding of how corporate organizations operate, Greenleaf’s integrative, systems-based approach accommodates the cross-cutting and cumulative nature of stress and burnout to drive meaningful, lasting change for our clients. Contact us to learn more.

According to Willis Towers Watson’s 23rd Annual Best Practices in Healthcare Employer Survey, companies with higher levels of wellbeing achieve levels of employee engagement that are two times higher than those of other companies. They also report higher revenue per employee, lower health care costs, fewer days lost, and 70% fewer stressed employees.

If your organization is struggling with engagement and retention challenges, call Greenleaf.

Many corporate leaders and employees are suffering from chronic stress, burnout and trauma. We can help.