Greenleaf channels our expertise, energy and compassion to serve organizations and individuals who are operating in demanding, stressful environments. Our clients include Federal government agencies, healthcare providers, and corporations in the U.S. and around the globe.

While they may be in different places on the stress and trauma continuum, all of our clients recognize that their leadership, employees and organizational health deserve protection from negative stress consequences. These include vicarious trauma, physical symptoms, mental exhaustion, burnout, disengagement and toxic cultures.

Our team brings deep and relevant experience to organizations working to build organizational wellbeing. We understand the demands and complexities of competing for share in highly competitive commercial markets. Equally important, we understand how to effect and manage positive and lasting change within these organizations’ unique environments.

Combining proven scientific principles and a deep understanding of how corporate organizations operate, Greenleaf’s integrative, systems-based approach accommodates the cross-cutting and cumulative nature of stress and burnout to drive meaningful, lasting change for our clients. Contact us to learn more. 

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