We Help Organizations Mitigate Employee Stress Caused by Covid-19 Pandemic

Everything is different. The impact of COVID-19 on the workplace has been tumultuous and dramatic. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic will be the most stressful period of their career. From the stress of shifting to telework, home-schooling kids, and caring for older family members, to the fear they and family members will become ill, employees at all levels are struggling to adapt to our new reality.

As employers struggle with business continuity planning, they must also plan ways to help mitigate employee stress and offer mental health support. Protecting the wellbeing of employees is crucial to the organizational viability and financial health of a company.

Greenleaf Integrative has a 12-year history of helping clients protect the wellbeing and resiliency of their employees and organizations. When physician and public health scientist Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah founded Greenleaf in 2008, he brought with him years of experience providing trauma-informed consulting in the wake of natural disasters and multiple mass casualty events, including the 9/11 attacks.

Since then, Greenleaf has been honored to serve a diverse range of public and private organizations operating in highly demanding environments – including numerous recent engagements focused on mitigating COVID-19 stress and trauma.

The “A Path to Personal Resilience in Pandemic Conditions” webinar was invaluable in helping my staff cope with the additional stress during these uncertain times. Dr. Shah and his team provided a variety of tools for our employees to use when feeling overwhelmed. It was a perfect workshop to help with stress due to the pandemic and I believe the tools and approaches provided will also serve us even beyond this immediate crisis. — Cathy Goin, CEO, OpsPro

Our evidence-based consulting and staff programs synthesize organizational behavior and promote resilience, drawing on preventive medicine, cross-cultural resilience practices, neuroscience, and mindfulness. Our team of subject matter experts have deep knowledge on mitigating the complex drivers and detrimental impacts of operational stress and traumatic exposures including adapting to the pandemic.

Whether it is virtual or in-person, our programs are highly interactive and participatory. Our suite of services tailored to assist organizations with pandemic stressors include:

Rapid Relief Resilience Webinar

We have crafted Rapid Relief: A Path to Resilience for COVID-19 Stress as a virtual, live session in which we teach your employees tactics for immediate application. The content helps mitigate employee stress and the likelihood of operational breakdowns. This 90-minute session, led by an experienced trainer/facilitator, provides a variety of stress reduction options and a list of easily available resources, and also allows time for a live Q&A. We also offer a range of other training options here. Greenleaf accommodates your staff availability and international time zones. Upon request, we will record the sessions for your employees to view on-demand.

Facilitated Team Meetings

Due to teleworking and physical distancing, many companies now must conduct team meetings virtually by conference call or by video while their leaders scramble to lead them. In this environment, team meetings act as an opportunity to check in with folks on how they are adapting and handling the changes. If not handled well, “townhall” style check-ins can inadvertently stoke fears and trigger conflict. Our skilled facilitators lead team meetings and/or give virtual facilitation guidance to team leaders, creating a safe space for people to share their experiences and feelings. We find that expert moderation reduces the risk of unintended consequences.

Situational Coaching

  • Individual Resilience: Staff feel the stress of rapid adjustments in their work schedules and the undercurrent of fear that they or their loved ones will contract the virus. Designed for those who would benefit from a safe place to ventilate concerns with a stress mitigation expert, situational coaching can provide some much-needed relief. Vetted for experience in coaching for stress mitigation, our coaches are ready and available for one-on-one calls.
  • Leadership Support: Managers and leaders encounter novel challenges and complex dilemmas during this all-encompassing crisis. We provide specially directed coaching to enhance wellbeing and performance for leaders responsible for protecting both subordinate staff and the mission. Leadership-support coaching allows interested leaders to have sessions on demand with our coaches, who are skilled in not only performance development, but also wellbeing. These sessions assist leaders in coping with business and workflow issues, leading virtually, maintaining team wellbeing, resilient leadership, operational stress mitigation, and more.
  • Flexible Accessibility: Our coaches readily schedule coaching calls to accommodate time changes. Greenleaf conducts all coaching remotely by phone, video, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or on whatever platform works best for the coachee.

In these uncertain times, Greenleaf is your partner for protection from stress, burnout, and trauma.

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