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At Greenleaf, we’re on a mission to align our collective expertise, energy, and compassion to support organizations and individuals in a higher state of wellbeing. Serving this higher purpose of wellbeing helps to unify our diverse team members, who are all talented, kind, and enthusiastic people. Greenleaf careers are wonderful opportunities to make a difference.

Greenleaf’s diverse staff spans organizational and leadership development experts, management consultants, trainers and instructional designers, learning management specialists, procurement specialists, and more. Together, we deliver services and solutions that integrate our deep subject matter expertise in stress mitigation, trauma-informed design, neuroscience, cultures of wellbeing, collaboration, and more.

With a shared commitment to supporting our clients and one another, our unique personalities, background, and contributions deeply enrich Greenleaf’s culture.

Greenleaf Open Positions

Senior Content Editor

Washington, DC

Our People Set Us Apart

At Greenleaf, we strive every day to live by 4 core values.

They guide our behaviors, relationships, and decisions.

the cause of wellbeing.

Bring tenacious compassion to
every interaction.

Grow from integrating multiple perspectives.

Fiercely adhere
to science and

These values enable us to best serve one another,
our communities, and the world at large.