We uniquely integrate neuroscience and organizational expertise to deliver practical, tailored wellbeing solutions with lasting results. With our help, your organization can fortify the emotional state and brain health of employees while achieving significant improvements in resiliency, culture, productivity, human interactions and leadership capacity. 

Our services include:

● Organizational Wellbeing
● Leadership Resilience
● Trauma-Informed Design
● Institutional Support
● Personal Sustainability

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We understand the stress, anxiety, and disengagement that can result from delivering on complex government missions in these challenging times. Greenleaf helps government agencies develop their organizations, leaders, and workforces to mitigate the causes and effects of occupational stress, burnout, and trauma exposure. Combining proven scientific principles and a deep understanding of how people and government organizations operate, we tailor and scale solutions to meet your objectives.


Companies are under intense pressures to survive and thrive while maneuvering the persistent demands and changes posed by market shifts, mergers and acquisitions, competitive and regulatory pressures, and so much more. As a result, leaders and employees are often struggling in silence with the causes and effects of cumulative stress, burnout, and even traumatic experiences in their work lives. Greenleaf has the proven expertise to help your company enable an engaged culture of wellbeing.