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Organizational Wellbeing

Protecting the wellbeing of your people and mission

All organizations with missions tied to helping others are exposed to the negative impacts of cumulative stress and vicarious trauma. Fatigued bodies and brains, scrambled cognition and attention spans, execution errors and absenteeism, low engagement and productivity. The symptoms are many. Yet, because every culture and problem set is unique, the root causes and fixes for stress and trauma are varied. Whether it’s for a single department or the full enterprise, we use a range of assessment techniques to uncover systemic risks to wellbeing.

For some, the challenges are fairly isolated. For others, it may be a combination of intersecting issues related to policies and processes, cultural dynamics and expectations, leadership behaviors and shortfalls in staff care activities. Greenleaf combines assessment insights with scientific and organizational expertise to deliver a holistic roadmap tailored to your wellbeing objectives and unique environment. From ongoing programming to rapid interventions, we help you expertly implement a strategic wellbeing plan in relevant operations. Feeling empowered instead of overwhelmed should be, and can be, the norm for you and your people. Reach out to learn more about our Organizational Wellbeing services, including:

  • Enterprise Assessments
  • Resilient Organizational Development
  • Workforce Training

Leadership Resilience

Resilient cultures start with resilient leaders

Leaders operating in demanding, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments experience cumulative stress and, frequently, unseen burnout. Under intense pressures to be high achievers, many leaders struggle to maintain their wellbeing while ensuring the wellbeing of their work. To compound things further, most are unsure of how best to develop the resilience of their staff. These dynamics make it challenging for leaders to thrive and reach their full potential – much less be a model for the behaviors that help protect and promote the resilience of others.

Greenleaf can support the personal development and growth of your organization’s leaders. We use proven tools and techniques to assess each individual leader in numerous areas that impact resilience. Based on the resulting data and our science-based insights, we implement tailored programs of leadership development. We also create and implement strategic frameworks for spreading resilience-building processes and behaviors across teams, departments, and enterprises. The positive resiliency outcomes include significant improvements in emotional intelligence, situational awareness, morale, communications, collaboration, and productivity. Let us help your organization develop more resilient leaders and teams. Contact us to discreetly describe your challenges and learn more about our varied leadership resiliency services:

  • Leadership Assessments
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation

Trauma-Informed Design

Design “doing no harm” in a world soaked in trauma

No one wants to re-traumatize or trigger trauma in others. But it happens all too frequently when people and programs are blind to the ways that humans are altered by trauma. Neuroscience shows that a stunning range of traumatic life experiences can change people’s brains, personalities and behaviors. Exposure to bullying, child abuse, homelessness, war, poverty, violence, assault, social disruption, discrimination, accidents, illnesses - the prevalence of “little” and “big” traumas is significant. Many who suffer these experiences don’t realize their behavioral states are actually echoes of traumatic experiences in their lives.

Organizations that serve or encounter traumatized populations, such as healthcare, social services, and humanitarian aid providers, are fueled by urgency and high ideals. However, they may lack the tools or lenses to detect the way trauma affects everything they do…everybody they touch. When this is the case, individuals and communities who are actively suffering traumatic symptoms are less able to enjoy the benefits of programs intended to serve them. In these fields of work, trauma is a cross-cutting theme that, if ignored, causes negative or poor outcomes. Today, academics and service providers, including Greenleaf practitioners, have advanced “Trauma-Informed” principles for which organizations can learn competencies. The U.S. Government promotes these principles through campaigns by SAMHSA, particularly for organizations that deliver care. In truth, these are essentially “do no harm” principles that apply to many domains of life that are, in part, a result of unresolved traumas: conflict, stigma, implicit (or unconscious) bias, and dysfunctional workplace dynamics.

Therefore, Greenleaf applies trauma-informed design widely. Because a diverse range of organizations need and want to incorporate trauma-informed principles, Greenleaf offers customization for very specific missions and operations. For example, implicit bias is a traumatically coded and institutionally problematic barrier to working effectively with hard-hit populations. We provide Trauma-Informed Design (TID) services to mitigate such implicit bias. From processes and systems to staff knowledge, behaviors and emotional resilience, Greenleaf will help your organization design and culturally embed a trauma-informed way of being. Contact us to learn more about our TID services, which include:

  • Process Assessments
  • Change Management
  • Professional Development

Institutional Support

Elevate performance with institutional support

As agencies work diligently to serve and protect citizens, many struggle to meet their missions within highly demanding, and often dangerous, work environments. Leaders and staff – especially those in government agencies – are stressed as they face rapidly changing demands and threats with under-prepared staff and sub-optimal processes. More than ever, these organizations require prepared and supported operators that can deliver critical value. Greenleaf helps agencies meet many of their dynamic human resources challenges with our exceptional Institutional Support services.

We provide staff who have proven performance in training customization, optimization, and administration; and we provide designers/trainers who integrate and deliver special coursework. Federal agencies also rely on our recruitment, contracting, and onboarding capabilities for talent management. As Greenleaf delivers Institutional Support services, we apply our expertise in the qualities and practices of resilient organizations and people. This unique combination of capabilities enables agencies to elevate performance while positively impacting their cultures with more qualified, knowledgeable, and resilient talent. We invite Federal agencies to contact us to learn more about our Institutional Support services, including:

  • Customized Operational & Functional Training
  • Talent Management
  • Process Optimization

Personal Sustainability

Sustain your own self-care

Burnout from accumulated stress. Difficulty juggling competing demands of work, family, and life. Anxiety over threats and uncertainty. Tension in our interpersonal lives. Compassion fatigue. If you can relate to any of these feelings, you aren’t alone. Many struggle with internal feelings of brittleness as they live fragmented existences. They seek more efficacy, satisfaction, security and purpose in life, yet they aren’t exactly sure how to get there. With Greenleaf as your partner in personal sustainability, you'll be empowered to not only feel better, but to shape your inner and outer life experiences with intention. As experts in wellbeing and resilience, we'll help you develop and implement life strategies for personalized self-development and self-care. This includes selecting your preferences from our diverse set of wellbeing tools, techniques and programs, including those designed to enhance situational awareness, mindfulness, stress management and self-regulation. By committing to your own personal sustainability program, you’ll enjoy measurable improvements in work-life integration, inner balance, self-knowledge and personal relationships. We invite you to visit our Resources page, our YouTube channel and our Events page for tools and information you may find personally helpful.

Greenleaf Integrative enables clients with highly demanding environments to protect the wellbeing and resiliency of their employees and organizations. Our tailored solutions mitigate the causes of and improve the responses to chronic stress, burnout, and trauma.

Organizational Wellbeing

Developing organizational wellbeing often requires integrating staff training and care programs with improvements in processes, policies, and communications.

Leadership Resilience

Executives and managers need science-based training and development as well as open dialogue in order to build resilience and better support their staffs.

Trauma-informed Design

Targeted to help organizations whose operations and workforce come in contact with trauma, Trauma-Informed Design can counteract unnecessary suffering, mitigate risk, and secure positive change.

Institutional Support

Greenleaf has extensive proof of performance in supporting the recruitment and training of federal employees operating in highly demanding environments.

Personal Sustainability

Enabling and encouraging self-care is one of numerous important considerations in creating a culture of wellbeing.



Trauma Expert Karla Siu Joins Greenleaf Integrative as Director of Programs

ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 24, 2021.…Greenleaf Integrative announced that Karla Siu, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., has joined the firm as director of programs. In her new role, Karla will lead the development and implementation of tailored programs utilizing trauma-informed approaches for Greenleaf clients who work with trauma exposures in their daily work. Karla is an actively licensed clinical social worker with over 17 years of experience serving families and children recovering from trauma. Her impressive career includes working with ...
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Department of Education Awards Contract to Greenleaf for Consulting and Training Services

ARLINGTON, VA, December 2, 2019… Greenleaf Integrative announced that it has been awarded a five-year contract from the Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE) to provide a range of training and consulting services. As in many federal agencies, generational workforce shifts and staffing shortages combined with an increased volume of work have created a more demanding environment at OPE. Leadership initiated this contract to support its dynamic workforce needs. Greenleaf’s services will build ...
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USAID Awards Greenleaf Contract to Support Jordan’s Mission Workforce with Coaching, Consulting and Training Services

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, November 14, 2019… Greenleaf Integrative, as an 8(a) U.S. small business, announced that it has been awarded a two-year contract from USAID to support its Mission to Jordan. The organizational wellbeing firm is providing consulting, coaching, training, and facilitation services in the areas of resilient leadership development, operational stress mitigation, staff supervision and performance management, communications, and conflict resolution. Greenleaf will help foster a Mission environment that empowers and motivates staff to carry ...
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Greenleaf Integrative To Provide Resiliency Training For SBAIC

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, November 1, 2019…Greenleaf Integrative will deliver a training workshop entitled Resilience 2.0: Emotional Resilience for Demanding Workplaces on November 19 in Washington, D.C. This event is part of a new training series hosted by the Small Business Association for International Companies (SBAIC). The World Health Organization has deemed stress the health epidemic of the 21st Century. Neuroscience shows that unresolved and overwhelming stress distorts brain function and behavior. Physical health and emotional health ...
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Greenleaf CEO Will Provide Resiliency Training to Federal Workers at Brookings Executive Education

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, October 28, 2019… On November 7, Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah, Greenleaf CEO, will conduct a training course on “Resiliency in Action” for Brookings Executive Education (BEE). In this session, Dr. Shah will teach a group of federal government employees how to acquire and implement practical resiliency skills that will enable them to mitigate interpersonal stress, re-train their brains, and thrive in demanding environments. In addition to being CEO of Greenleaf, Dr. Shah is ...
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Greenleaf’s CEO Will Share Workplace Trauma Expertise At CENTILE Conference On Wellbeing Of Health Professionals

ARLINGTON, Virginia., October 21, 2019… Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah, Greenleaf founder and CEO, will share his expertise in solutions for workplace trauma and stress at the upcoming CENTILE Conference 2019 on October 29 the Georgetown University Medical Center. The title of his presentation is: “Other Than Burnout, What Hurts? Learner and Clinician Distress from NonWorkload Occupational Exposures in Healthcare Environments.” The Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education (CENTILE) at Georgetown University is an interprofessional ...
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