Greenleaf has been developing, delivering, and managing tailored, scalable professional development training solutions since our founding over a decade ago. And, for many of our experts, much longer than that!

We’re delighted to help our government and commercial clients meet their specific team performance and professional growth needs. Some organizations require ongoing, comprehensive, enterprise-wide programs, while others just need a few stand-alone training workshops. In any case, we use proven experiential learning models and processes to meet their objectives.

Our adult learning experts understand what it takes for your team members to truly adopt new skills and behaviors. That’s why we engage them with highly interactive learning experiences and help them apply critical thinking and self-reflection. And, with our deep bench of experts across many organizational subject matters, we deliver highly relevant, action-oriented training content.

Maximize learning effectiveness and cost-efficiencies with our flexible methodology:

  • Discovery: Greenleaf gets to the heart of your organization’s knowledge and performance gaps with expert assessments and data analysis. Our research capabilities include quantitative surveys as well as qualitative methods such as focus groups and in-depth interviews.
  • Design & Development: Using evidence from the discovery data, Greenleaf creates instructionally sound, professional development, student-centered training courses to meet clients’ specific learning and performance objectives. Some clients require new curriculum and coursework, while in other cases we can re-design and update existing coursework.
  • Implementation: Greenleaf can integrate your training program with the organization’s business areas and workflow. We’re adept at delivering training content across all platforms, including in-person and web-based instructor-led training, hybrid learning, and online asynchronous instruction.
  • Performance Measurements: Greenleaf works with clients upfront to link learning to performance. When students can learn it, they can perform it on their jobs. Setting performance measurement methods upfront enables us to assess program effectiveness and refine if and where necessary. Our evaluation tools ensure learners progress from “actual” to “desired” performance.

We design training programs that engage adult learners

Greenleaf incorporates the adult learning principles developed by Dr. Malcolm Knowles. He is credited with the dramatic shift from “teaching-oriented” adult education, featuring an active presenter and passive learners, to “engagement-oriented” adult education, featuring an active facilitator and engaged learners.

In our courses, we apply five core engagement principles to deepen learning and adoption:

Adults learn best by doing
Limit lectures to 25% of the training, giving participants maximum time for practice and discussion
Adults learn best when the learning experience is competency-based
Create exercises that allow participants to apply new learning
Adults learn best when the learning experience is problem-centered
Bridge training and work by incorporating real or realistic problems into the training
Adults bring knowledge and experience with them into the learning situation
Use breakout groups and other problem-solving structures to allow participants to share what they know and apply it to new material or to new skills being learned
Adults have differing learning interests, learn at different rates, and have different learning styles
Use different training techniques to give participants a chance to learn in their strongest learning mode and to keep the training experience diverse and interesting
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We use best-practice models and methods to ensure our courses bolster learning. Some of these include:

  • Successive Approximation Method (SAM)
  • ADDIE Model (analyze, design, develop, implement, evaluate)
  • User Experience (UX) design


Targeted to help organizations whose operations and workforce come in contact with trauma, our Trauma-Informed by Design℠ solutions help counteract unnecessary suffering, mitigate risk, and secure positive change.

If your organization needs support implementing an ongoing, enterprise training function, Greenleaf provides comprehensive program administration and management services. Some of these include:

  • Tracking and monitoring program progress
  • Assisting with individual learning and training plans
  • Preparing and documenting training records
  • Providing program logistical and technical support
  • Developing annual learning schedules and calendars