If trauma is part of your work, it doesn’t have to compromise your work.

Greenleaf is a team of consultants who specialize in equipping organizations to better handle trauma in their programs, systems, and teams.

Who We Serve
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The work of serving in complex and high-stakes environments often involves trauma, which erodes program impact and employee wellbeing.

Greenleaf can help you change this story.

What We Do: Helping you serve in more effective and sustaining ways.

While many organizations recognize trauma, few have the tools to systematically respond. Greenleaf provides customized consulting to help organizations shift from being trauma-informed to becoming trauma-responsive. Our research-driven, human-centered solutions help organizations actualize system change and drive transformative, lasting results—both for the populations they serve and their own teams.

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Our customized services turn knowledge into action:

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Assessment & Evaluation

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Program Consultation & Technical Assistance

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Training & Coaching

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Material Review

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Trauma-Responsive Facilitation

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Our People Set Us Apart

Our diverse team speaks 6 languages

75% of our team hold advanced degrees in medicine, public health, or mental health

Our team members have lived and worked in 43 countries

Our team is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of trauma research.


Notes on Resilience: A Quest for Ethical Action in the World

Greenleaf founder Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah joins Notes on Resilience with Manya Chylinski to discuss the important, ongoing work of building resiliency.

Articles & Publications

Mitigating Workforce Impacts of COVID-19 and Other World Events

In this article published in the Journal of Emergency Management, Greenleaf staff offer helpful insights for navigating the stress of events that affect the wellbeing of staff and organizations.

Articles & Publications

Trauma-Informed Design: What is it?

Learn about how trauma-informed approaches and using trauma-informed design at an organizational level improve client experience and program outcomes.

our Vision: Sustaining service for meaningful impact.

At Greenleaf Integrative, we celebrate the organizations who, every day, step into complex situations out of a desire to serve. Our vision is for the service of others to endure as a generative force for good around the world.

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