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Helping you serve in more effective and sustaining ways.

Greenleaf provides customized consulting to help organizations shift from being trauma-informed to becoming trauma-responsive. We equip you to proactively mitigate trauma in ways that catalyze healing in the populations you serve and promote wellbeing within your organization.

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our Work: Actualizing ongoing systems change through trauma-responsive practices.

For organizations serving in complex and high-stakes environments, trauma must be handled systematically—not left as a responsibility for individuals to manage alone. By designing and implementing shared practices that support healing and promote wellbeing, we help organizations look upstream and proactively respond to trauma.

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Our services uncover root issues and develop actionable solutions. We tailor engagements to each department or enterprise’s unique situation and objectives.

Assessment & Evaluation

Program Consultation & Technical Assistance

Training & Coaching

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Trauma-Responsive Facilitation

Hear From Our Clients:

We weren’t successful in solving our problem with social cohesion until this training. Now people are better equipped to resolve problems. Different community leaders are better able to have discussions, to seek solutions, and to convince their peers that they can work better together with other people in the community. When people have participated in this project, you can see that their behavior towards others is different. It’s not the same. And when we asked them the question, “What do you think brought about this change?” a lot of them are linking this to the project. It has had an impact. It has led to more reconciliation in the region.

Herve, Côte d’Ivoire Peacebuilding Initiative

Using and understanding the tools helps diminish the number of negative incidents with other people, because it enables us to reason, think, and find the right words.  This allows people to act more responsibly and helps us improve relationships with others. All these tools are helping to educate people, to consolidate a more positive atmosphere, to promote and strengthen leadership. It’s been really effective.

Keita, Côte d’Ivoire Peacebuilding Initiative

One day a driver spilled my goods and he insulted me when I wanted to talk. I was extremely annoyed, but with the breathing I learned, I managed to calm myself. The training we took on trauma and stress also helps me a lot, because it allows me to manage in the face of stressful situations. Thanks to the tools I manage to de-stress quickly. I rest and keep my cool to better self-regulate.

Greenleaf Client, Côte d’Ivoire Peacebuilding Initiative

Everything was relevant and meaningful. The objectives were clear and wonderfully followed through. The practical examples and responses to questions were very thoughtful. Breakout rooms offered engagement and lots of support, fostering active learning and individualized reflection in smaller groups. I love how the brain functions were explained so clearly. I appreciated that the facilitators brought in our organization’s context. That made a lot of sense and was useful.

Greenleaf Client, Government Organization

I thought the exercises where we were able to validate each other's boundaries were meaningful. In particular, the scenarios where we responded by expressing our support for each other saying no or for seeking assistance from a team member were validating.

Greenleaf Client, NGO

Our Unique Approach: Integrated solutions that are human-centered and research-driven.

We know from both research and experience that trauma affects organizations holistically. If programming is ineffective, it will impact employee morale. If employees are struggling, it will impact program quality. We recognize the complexity of trauma’s impact and take a holistic approach that is mindful of both outward and inward realities.

Our integrated framework for helping organizations become trauma-responsive by design:

Outward Response

Improving Client Experience & Program Impact

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Inward Response

Ensuring Organizational & Staff Wellbeing

The Outcome: Transformative results. Sustained change.

Through our close collaboration—whether as embedded consultants or external partners—your organization can achieve lasting change that serves mission-critical objectives.

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Improved program engagement

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Lower rates of burnout and turnover

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Enhanced resilience

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Greater commitment to program inclusivity

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Stronger relationships with communities

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Expanded leadership capacity

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Increased effectiveness of peacebuilding efforts

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Reduced team conflict

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