Integrating scientific and organizational expertise, Greenleaf will develop and implement a wellbeing roadmap tailored to your objectives and unique environment.


With science-based tools and techniques, we’ll help your leaders build their own adaptive capacity. Equally important, we’ll bring leadership frameworks to spread resiliency skills and culture to teams.


If your organization regularly interacts with people who are affected by stressful events, you’ll prevent unintentional harm and improve outcomes with systems, processes, and staff development programs that are designed with trauma in mind. Greenleaf can help.


With our expertise in resiliency and demanding agency environments, we enable agencies to elevate performance while positively impacting their cultures with more qualified, knowledgeable, and resilient talent.


People who take charge with their own wellbeing practices feel more “put together” and enjoy more fulfilling inner/outer life experiences. Greenleaf makes available selected science-based tools, techniques and insights to support you.

Who We Serve


We understand the stress, anxiety, and disengagement that can result from delivering on complex government missions in these challenging times. Greenleaf helps government agencies develop their organizations, leaders, and workforces to mitigate the causes and effects of occupational stress, burnout, and trauma exposure. Combining proven scientific principles and a deep understanding of how people and government organizations operate, we tailor and scale solutions to meet your objectives.


Cumulative stress and vicarious trauma are leading to systemic dysfunction throughout hospitals, impacting staff purpose and engagement as well as patient safety and care. Greenleaf helps healthcare enterprises take an integrative, systems-based approach to protecting their people and organizations from the toxic impacts of cumulative stress, burnout, and vicarious trauma in order to drive meaningful, lasting change.


Companies are under intense pressures to survive and thrive while maneuvering the persistent demands and changes posed by market shifts, mergers and acquisitions, competitive and regulatory pressures, and so much more. As a result, leaders and employees are often struggling in silence with the causes and effects of cumulative stress, burnout, and even traumatic experiences in their work lives. Greenleaf has the proven expertise to help your company enable an engaged culture of wellbeing.

Resources For You

find your balance eggs - Greenleaf Integrative Mindful Meditation Audio

A Meditation to Help Conquer Cravings!

Do you want to transform your health, but find that cravings sabotage your best intentions to make nutritious food choices? When you are stressed, do you want to reach for something sweet, salty, or “comforting” …
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Greenleaf Take Back Control of your Sleep!

Take Back Control of your Sleep!

Are you one of the millions of Americans who struggle with getting to sleep at night? Or do you fall asleep easily but have trouble staying asleep? All of us long for quality sleep, but …
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Stress Responsive Greenleaf Integrative

Stress-Responsive Policy Decisions Start With Awareness

Many organizations don’t think about the impacts of stress on their workforce in a systematic way when designing their organizational policy. How could they? Policies grow over time, and often are reactive rather than proactive. These are the key concepts Greenleaf uses to assess the current Stress Responsiveness of an organization and support the leadership in making more stress responsive policy decisions …
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US Aid Assessment Report

Assessment Report: Stress and Resilience Issues Affecting USAID Personnel in High Operational Stress Environments

This report was commissioned by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in line with a heightened recognition that employers working in the humanitarian space need to fortify how they seek to prevent, and intentionally respond to, the psychosocial difficulties many staff are facing. USAID faces challenges that are not unique; increasing workplace stress is part of a larger trend affecting many international humanitarian actors, as well as other high operational stress industries such as hospitals, law enforcement, and even the corporate sector …
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Greenleaf Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating | Connecting With Your True Nature

Mindful Eating Connecting with Your True Nature  Download Now Listen track on Youtube Note: These files tracks are ultimately for …
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Healthy Habits-Part 4

Healthy Habits 4 – Internal Balance for the Journey

Healthy Habits Four Internal Balance for the Journey Download Now Listen track on Youtube Note: These files tracks are ultimately …
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Enjoying Success, Healthy Habits-Part 3

Healthy Habits 3 – Enjoying Success, Non-Judgment on Lapses

Healthy Habits Three Enjoying Success, Non-Judgment on Lapses Download Now Listen track on Youtube Note: These files tracks are ultimately …
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Healthy Habits-Part 2

Healthy Habits 2 – Moving Forward to Make Changes

Healthy Habits Two  Moving Forward to Make Changes Download Now Listen track on Youtube Note: These files tracks are ultimately …
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