Our Leadership Team

To support our clients' initiatives to effectively build a wellbeing-focused culture, Greenleaf’s staff offers the perfect mix of science and organizational expertise, including neuro, social and medical sciences; public health; emotional intelligence; strategic planning; organizational development and change management; leadership and staff development; and program management.

In addition to science and organizational expertise, our team combines experience in diverse areas of wellbeing, including trauma recovery, holistic health, stress management, and group psychology. We quickly discern our clients’ unique needs and develop tailored, innovative programs that deliver lasting results.

We're a talented, compassionate, and engaged team of over 40 people with diverse backgrounds and a profound commitment to also ensuring our own wellbeing-focused culture inside Greenleaf.

Annie Kiel

Trauma Prevention and Mitigation Services Manager

Dana Daugherty

Trauma-Informed Organizational Consultant
Image of Greenleaf employee Erin Petersen

Erin Brackens

Director of Operations
Karla Siu

Karla Siu

Director of Engagements
Image of Kathy Cox Chief of Staff for Greenleaf Integrative

Kathy Cox

Chief of Staff
Image of Greenleaf employee LeRoy Thompson

LeRoy Thompson

Senior Organizational Development Consultant and Coach